New Journey #1

Well, it is not easy to think where I will continue my study after passing junior high school. After thinking hard about my future, finally I decided to go to Sutomo 1, which many people said it is the best school in North Sumatera, even in Indonesia. Besides, I think this school is good at science, which I love very much.

The story was begun when I registered to be student at this school. The first time I think about this school : Wow, this school is so big. After several days, there was an entrance exam in this school. Honestly, I had not prepared anything, just let time answered it xD. Before taking the exam, I calmed down myself by listening a game soundtrack song, titled “A Snow Light” composed by Motoi Sakuraba, whom I love for his composition. And now I am listening that song. I write this post because that song recalls my memory.

Like I said before, I had not prepared anything. When the exam began, I answered the exam by mechanical pencil, which I did not know it was a 2B pencil or not. I realized it the next day after the exam. It made me crazy, I cannot sleep at night to think it. The next day, I searched the type of my pencil in internet. Oh no, it was HB pencil. I was really disappointed. I did not give up, I searched an article about if scanner could scan HB pencil or the other pencil. Thanks god, the article said that scanner could scan anything pencil even pen. It made me happy, but there was a little curiousity about that. I told it to my parents and they registered me again for the second times to make me safe.

And the result of the first exam said that I passed the exam. I was really excited. Although, I had thrown my parents’ money which used to register for the second times. Hmmm, it is the most memorable story when I entered to this school. How would it be continued? I will continue this story later. See ya.